Plugins to secure WordPress


A simple list of plugins that you can not forget if you want to have well protected WordPress

Secure WordPress

A plugin that protects our installation of WordPress with different improvements. Some of the improvements are: Eliminates the error information in the Login pages, Deletes the WordPress version, Deletes the plugin and WordPress kernel update information, etc.

WordPress Firewall Plugin

This plugin detects, intercepts and records suspicious information.

Stealth Login

Create special URLs to log in. It is very useful if you want to prevent users from using the mythical “wp-admin” as well as if you want to change the name for your clients.

Login Lockdown

Limit the number of attempts to log. Useful to avoid dictionary attacks.

AskApache Password Protect

Protect wp-admin with a password of Apache type.

Semisecure Login Reimagined

In case your server does not support SSL, this plugin allows you to use encrypted passwords.

WordPress Antivirus

Extra protection against exploits and hacking attempts. It does not hurt to take a look.

WP Security Scan

Scan your WordPress installation against exploits and possible attacks and suggest changes you should make.

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