Tricks to get more out of Twitter


Just as we recently showed you a list of 19 things you should NOT do on Twitter, now we bring you some tricks to get more out of Twitter.

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1. Search by name

In Tweetdeck and other clients, we have a column called «Mentions» and another one called «Direct Messages». As you well know, on Twitter we can only make 150 API calls every hour. Thus, if we still use these calls to get messages from our friends and talk to them, if we also use them for mentions and direct messages, we are missing API calls that we could use in other things. Instead of those columns, do a search using your name, so you will use the SEARCH TWITTER API instead of the traditional Twitter API. And for direct messages, you can delete that column, you do not need it, since you will receive an email every time you have a direct message, and so you will not spend calls to the API.

2. See message strings

The chains or threads of the messages are not easy to follow on Twitter, we quickly lose track. If you want to follow the complete chain, as easy as clicking on «Reply to» on the Twitter website itself, and if you use Tweetdeck, the same, click on «in reply to», just below each message. Interesting, right?

3. 125 characters, your new limit

Make it easy for your followers to retweet you, if you always use the maximum characters people will have to delete part of the message and that is sometimes a pain (it doesn’t bother me personally, but it is true that it is tedious). So, use 125 characters as a limit and you’ll see how you will get more retweets.

4. Add text before reply

Read carefully, because it is not silly. On Twitter there is a “problem” (for some), and that is when we respond to someone, starting the message with the user’s name, Twitter will only show that response if your follower follows the 2 parts, you and the one you respond to. This is very good to reduce noise, but it is not interesting for those who want to see the thread of the message and to whom you respond. In order to do this, just add text before the user, so, Twitter will not think it is a “reply to” and all your followers will see it, not only those who follow both parts of the message. 

5. Use Friendfeed

If you use the Twitter search engine, you may have noticed that Twitter only searches for messages for a few weeks before, however, in Friendfeed, you can search for messages much earlier. So, if we have to do a search, we won’t have the problem of time back.

6. Interaction

If you follow someone, don’t expect him to follow you back if you’ve NEVER responded or interacted with him. Send him a reply, don’t be afraid. Unlike people think, Twitter is not just about updating your status, it is mostly about interacting with your followers, with your friends, to talk. If you want to maximize your Twitter experience, say hello when you follow someone new.

7. Use the groups

If you use Tweetdeck or another client that supports user groups, use them! Normally, as time passes, you start following a lot of people and it is impossible to read them all and interact with everyone, so make a new column with a group of users to whom you respond more and more interest. generate. This way you will lose less detail of your “important” users. I recommend you do 2, one of the ones that interest you the most and another with the users that respond most to you, who don’t have to be the same. (via techmarketing)

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