4. Track and Adjust

SEO is a constant and ongoing process – there’s no set it and forget it option. Keep track of your progress by monitoring any increases and decreases in search traffic to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts. What’s working and what’s not? WooRank’s weekly email digestwill help you stay on top of your SEO efforts by delivering keyword performance and traffic data each week. See how your performance changes daily and weekly to spot any opportunities or trends for future marketing efforts.

WooRank Weekly Email Digest

Set up reports in your analytics to track not only the traffic, but whether or not that traffic is helping you reach your marketing goal of improved brand awareness and/or increased conversion. If your landing pages are seeing high bounce rates, it could be that your page content isn’t resonating with your buyer personas. If you aren’t seeing more conversions from your product pages, your target keywords might not be used by people at the end of the sales funnel. However, if you’re keeping track of the right metrics, making the right optimizations in the right places should see you advancing toward your goal.

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