Things you should NOT do on Twitter

Things you should NOT do on Twitter-seoexpertum

One of the most important rules to apply in social networks, is precisely to be clear that there are no effective rules for all cases. Social media is what we make of them and there is no right or wrong way to use them.

However, some social networks are better suited for certain activities than others. Twitter has more than 288 million monthly active users that publish around 500 million tweets per day. But while it is true, many people still do not understand Twitter or how to use it effectively.

And it is that on Twitter you can give the situation that while you are reading news, an unrelated publication appears, for example, the breakfast of someone who lives thousands of km away from you. Twitter is designed to be an online city, in which if you want to make the most of it you have to accept all the good, the bad and the mundane, that comes with it.

Many of the things that make Twitter seem terrible, sometimes are the same that make it a great social network and if you do not get value, it is probably because you are not following the right strategy. It is important to remember that Twitter is a two-way street and that you must be very thoughtful when representing yourself (or your brand) and when considering which people to follow.

  1. Do not respond to all the tweets, you will fill in the timeline of your followers and if they are not really useful, they will soon stop you from following.
  2. Say what comes to mind: Twitter is public and therefore, as in all social networks, everything you say is exposed to your bosses and your family see, may cause more than one problem.
  3. Do not tweet something super interesting without sending an image or a link, your followers will not know anything.
  4. Answer the messages. Whether it’s yesterday or a few hours ago, you should not leave messages without answering.
  5. Always give credit: you have to give the credit to the original Twitter user. If you see that a Tweet has many RTs and you do not know who to delete from that list, be brave, all except the first and the last. The first because it is who “discovered” the news, the last because it is your source.
  6. Do not tell your personal life: I understand that you like to tell you that you have eaten a delicious apple, or that you are at home playing music with your grandmother … but, understand it, your followers do not care too much. It is not serious that you do it, since you probably have many friends on Twitter and a friend will never mind, but, think about those who are not your friends, they will stop you if you only tweet this kind of thing.
  7. Not having a profile picture or your completed profile: if people do not know you, why are they going to add you? They do not know who you are, so help them to know a little more about you and take a picture, write personal information and, obviously, write your full name.
  8. Do not put a spark to your tweets: Twitter is above all a tool to share and have fun. If you spend all day complaining and telling boring things, you will not get anything.
  9. Do not follow anyone: I get black when I see users who have 10,000 followers and they do not bother to follow anyone. Is not it well born to be grateful? Then apply the story, Twitter is conversation, and if you do not read to anyone, what conversation is that? Are you such an ego-guru that nobody deserves to follow him?
  10. Just talk about your stuff and your blog: it’s fine, but nobody will retweet you if you never do retweets, it’s like wanting to comment on your blog when you do not comment on others’.
  11. Ask to be added as a friend: although it looks little, it exists. You can not go “bothering” people by saying they add you, they will add you if they consider it appropriate, or do you go to a bank shouting “enter me money”?
  12. Use Twitter from time to time: it’s good to detoxify from time to time, but Twitter is a tool that encourages constant use, trying to follow the thread of conversations as much as possible. If you use Twitter once a week, you will not see it useful and you will not take advantage of it either.
  13. Follow someone just to get new followers: do not be false, do not try to get more followers with the old trick of following everyone, most of the people already know it and they will not follow you back. Try to win hard for people to follow you.
  14. Stop following someone when he follows you: if you were the one who started to follow a Twitter user, why stop following him when he follows you?
  15. Do not follow someone who has bothered to help you: the things that bother me the most are when I take the trouble to help someone and he does not even flinch, neither a thank nor a follow nor a retweet … Be grateful, and if You think it’s not worth following that user, at least thank him.
  16. Use Twitter only to ask for help or advice: it is good that from time to time you ask for help and advice, but that will not always work for you. Twitter will take you out of the hassle in which you are in less than 10 minutes (well, it depends on you and your users), but if you abuse, nobody can help you again.
  17. Post 3 links: with one arrives, and if you need to say something else, use another tweet. I find it quite confusing when I see a tweet with 3 links.
  18. Do not specify what is being tweeted: unless you have 10 million followers, which I doubt, specify what is what you are sharing, do not just put a link or a “Great”, because without context, few people will come to visit your link
  19. Do not post links that do not work: check that your link or image works before sending it … How many times do I see retweets of things that do not lead anywhere, keep an eye on this.

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