Useful tips on SEO and Social Media


I wanted to compile some of the tips that I consider most important when doing SEO or Social Media and although I am sure that there is one that has escaped me, they perfectly define how the market has evolved and how SEO is increasingly integrated into Social Media and vice versa (if at any time they have not been). If you still believe that SEO is only Link building, today you will have little chance of success.

One of SEO

  • Do SEO for users, not for search engines
  • Without your own content and quality, you can improve but you can never put land in between with your competitors.
  • Offer your website and your content also for a mobile audience
  • Maximize the speed of your website, both for SEO and for the user (Have I said since we only do SEO for users?)
  • Put the focus on adding value to the user, it is useless to attract a user if you do not generate anything with him
  • Do not spend all your gas on optimizing your website, the most important thing is the content
  • Meet and create relationships with your users to gain links naturally
  • Put photo and author to search results, make searches closer and generate more CTR
  • Be clear that you have to be constantly changing and know how to adapt, SEO, Social Media and Internet change at a speed that we are not able to perceive
  • Try to understand what users will look for tomorrow, not now
  • Do not give up or think that everything is done, there is always something else you can do and there is always something new to learn
  • Create something, try it, try it again, set it to the limit, burn it and start again. SEO is not done with books or blogs, SEO is done by testing and doing.
  • Think of actions, not rankings
  • Do not spend the day analyzing, get going, DO THINGS!
  • And finally, forget what you know about SEO, worry about your users and see how everything you do generates better results

And in social networks?

  • Do not sell Social Media because it is fashionable, sell it because your client needs it
  • Social Media is not just Facebook and Twitter, it analyzes the context of your brand well and studies where you should be and why
  • Are you still counting paragraphs on Facebook? And you still wonder why nobody likes your posts? In a leisure context like Facebook, leisure themes work. Good audiovisual material, please.
  • Provide value to users with your content: if you want to publish the same as others, look for a turn to publications: humor, controversy, creativity, …
  • Each channel has its message and format, not for not having time to publish the same everywhere
  • Each channel has its audience, know it and create ad-hoc content
  • Forget the number of fans, followers and other sausages, the important thing is the quality of the users, not the quantity
  • Know when your users are connected, do not publish by rule at certain times
  • Specify the messages, the user no longer reads information, make it easy
  • Being around is not worth it, that your presence in social networks is cohesive and good, or you will be harming your brand
  • Do not overexpose your brand, take care of your users and publish things about yourself in a ratio as low as possible.
  • Do not get bored, you do not need to write 5 times a day on Facebook, increasing the frequency of the message can easily make people lose interest
  • Do not write for writing, have a content plan and follow it no matter what happens, keep it, be patient and you will get results
  • Be as close and personal as possible: we want to see real people behind brands, with personality, with their tastes, their virtues, and their flaws. Many times it is confusing to be professional with losing personality.
  • Prepare for criticism: the more you expose yourself to the public, the more likely you are to receive criticism. Being prepared and knowing how you will act if it happens is essential. There is nothing better than criticism for a brand to grow, the more prepared you are, the more benefit you will get from those crises.
  • And finally, forget the 300 books and 1000 posts that you have read about «Community Management», the most important thing here is you, your ability to generate discussion, to encourage, to spread a message: BE NATURAL.

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