The most common mistakes of online stores


A small list of the most common mistakes that I usually see in online stores and that make your users leave in a panic in your store. Are you analyzing well what your users do on your website? It is key to understand what is wrong and what works in your store, this is so basic that nobody understands it and I always give the example of if in your physical store you close your eyes and do not talk to customers, would you sell?

Offer the same prices as in your physical store

If you have an online store is to differentiate yourself, you can not offer the same prices as in your physical store. If you are setting up an online store, it is with all the consequences and you have to separate the physical from the online, they are different things and need different marketing strategies, therefore, different price.

Not having contact information

The contact, in addition to security and trust, offers the user a way to solve problems, why hide it? You will lose sales and potential customers. To be able to be, well visible and on all pages, not just on the cover. And as an extra and to note: use twitter as customer service in real time or use a chat system like Olark to solve doubts live, your conversions will increase a lot.

Deceptive product information

There is nothing that bothers your users more than having no image in a product, or that has no complete description, or what is worse, that the image has nothing to do with the product, how do you intend to sell it?

Not being able to buy without registering

One of the big mistakes of today is the record. The more obstacles the user has before a purchase, the less he will buy, which is logical. It offers the possibility to buy without registering and you will see how your sales will increase considerably. 

Not having a product search engine or that works badly

If I go with the pre-established idea of ​​buying a product, which happens often, and I do not have a search engine to buy it, I assure you that if I’m going to have to search more than 20 seconds, I’ll end up going.

Few product images

Let’s say we want to buy a sweatshirt or a shirt. The shirt can be very beautiful in the photo, front and with a certain shot, but what about the back? Offer your visitors as many images as possible, solve doubts with a single blink of an eye and avoid many returns.

Do not include related products

This is one of the things that well done, you can convert your store from mono-product to multi-product sale. It offers interesting related products throughout the purchase, on the product page, and later remembering it in the purchase process. It is important that if you offer related products do not fall into the error of automating this process: measure, analyze and relate products by hand, with data on the table. 

Do not include shipping information throughout the purchase process

When I’m going to buy something and I’m in the confirmation step with the surprise that the product costs me 10 or 20 € more, I get very angry. You have to report on all the pages of the approximate shipping costs, you will save a good percentage of dropouts.

Do not respond to your users

If you have a comment system or a contact form, it is not to decorate or because others have it. Your customers expect answers, expect feedback and the more time you spend with them, the more you earn. Stand out from your competitors and offer a TRUE customer service.

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