Google Analytics


Firstly we need to know what Google Analytics is for? It is a very very important tool to lunch our SEM strategy and SEO strategy, our general digital marketing strategy or we simply want to exploit the potential of our website.

Google Analytics is the best adviser to follow the good path in the world of digital marketing; It will be like our guide in an unknown city and as a 24-hour watchman who controls everything that happens on our website.

Google Analytics is a web analysis tool that makes Google available to us completely free of charge. It is the web analytics tool par excellence.

It provides us with data and reports on everything that happens on our website: visitors, unique users, conversions, duration of visits, duration of the sessions, how they arrived on our website, …

But, some will think, what is Google analytics for in my strategy and my business?

In principle, this is nothing more than data and more data that you can lose, and that is useless if we do not make a rigorous analysis of them and interpret them correctly.

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