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When you make a blog, (something relatively simple to launch), we always leave in the inkwell things that are important for the blog to properly traction.

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We always forget the basics and although some of these tips are very basic, it never hurts to remember if you want to get more traffic and comments on your blog.

RSS feed / Social profile buttons

It is important to offer your readers links to your social media profiles to make it easy for them to contact you. That they are visible, do not hide them below everything. The RSS has not died and remains a useful way to generate traffic. Make sure your feed works and that you have a link to the feed as high as possible.

Related Posts

Surely if you take a look at your Google Analytics, you will see that most users will enter your blog through Google searches, read what they were looking for and leave. Try to retain them, offer them related posts, interesting material, links to other posts within the content and hopefully you will get a new faithful reader (yes, that will also depend largely on your content).

Be grateful

This is common sense. If someone cares to comment, take the trouble to do the same, do not be ungrateful. Two rules that I try to never forget:

1. Respond to comments, everyone, unless they provide absolutely nothing and are clearly spam or to leave a link.
2. If they write to you, write to them, be happy to see who is that user who has connected with you

Everything enters through the eyes

Do not forget that everything enters by sight. If you do not put images in your posts, and images as attractive as possible (that are related to the theme of the post), your content will have to be very good to capture the reader’s attention or very good you will have to be making good copies for the titles .

Bold, links, interleaved images, surveys, videos, etc …

A normal reader does not read, scan. This is why the bold, videos, rupture images, etc … in a post, will help the reader avoid seeing a lot of text at once and receive interesting material to be able to hook.

Link, don’t be afraid

In addition to being grateful, you have to be honest, and if you are inspired by a post (which we usually do) or are talking about something you have read in another blog, link it! Only then will you get others to link you. Are you one of those who believe that if you link, your reader will go to see the post in the other blog? Well, surely, we always contrast information, but the most important thing is that if you have managed to get excited or capture the attention of that reader you have already got a reader and not by putting a simple link will go away, never.

Smashing Magazine are great at this. At the end of each post they put a “More resources on this topic” with many external links to complete the info of your post. Very useful and thanks to them you discover a lot of interesting information. They didn’t lose me, and I guess the millions of loyal readers they have either :).

The title and the first paragraph, hook me up!

The normal reader is that the user who visits you is new and has entered looking for something in Google, so it is vital that you engage their attention in the first 10 seconds, both in the title, as in the image as in the first paragraph.


It is true that many times it is impossible because of the complexity of the post, but it is one thing to write a long post and another very different to go through the branches. Try to synthesize, try to maintain a coherent structure within the post and close with a conclusion or with a closure that leads to reflection, response or other post.

Talk about what you are passionate about, and only what you are passionate about

It seems obvious, but this “gurus” has caused, in mass, talk about things without experience, is one of the keys if you want to be a guru: make thousands of posts about things you have never done. But you take a liar before a lame man so remember that only with passion can you hook your readers forever and have fun with what they read, and if you really love what you do, it will be very easy to capture readers and Make your blog a success.

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