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SEO dictionary

SEO dictionary of the real digital language: we present a complete SEO dictionary with all the terms related to the subject to solve your digital questions. Within SEO there are many terms and concepts that we need to be clear when optimizing and positioning our site or project in the best possible way. The good interpretation of a term is fundamental. Therefore, in this section, we will expand new terms… Read More »SEO dictionary


How to make an SEO report?

SEO reports present some variations with respect to traditional web analytics or conversion reports that must be taken into account. Obviously, it is necessary to analyze organic traffic generated in greater detail, but there is also a series of external metrics to the web (profile of links, naturalness, and variety of links, rankings, link building report) that is relevant to know the state of a web page and that it… Read More »How to make an SEO report?


How to measure SEO results

During the remaining 8 chapters of this SEO guide we have seen how to carry out an SEO strategy from start to finish, but we still need to know the most important thing in this whole process: measuring the results. Without a good analytical process we will not know if all our efforts have served for something or if we are on the right track towards a web optimization adapted… Read More »How to measure SEO results



To improve the visibility of a website in search engines, it is essential to know and manage SEO tools that help us to perform an analysis and design a strategy and action plan to improve our organic traffic. What SEO tools do you use in your day to day? I’m sure many of the ones we’re going to deal with already know them. But I’m also sure that you still… Read More »SEO TOOLS


Vertical search engines

As you know YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world and that within Google itself there are different types of searches such as images or applications. In this chapter, we will try to improve the positioning in search engines that deal with other types of content and that can attract high-value traffic to your website. How to optimize your videos for YouTube? YouTube is the second… Read More »Vertical search engines


Analysis of the competition

In SEO, it is important to keep an eye on the competition. Not only those websites and businesses in your niche that compete directly against you but those sites that fill the rankings and get huge amounts of traffic through search engines. Now, if we are going to do an analysis of the SEO competition, let’s start at the beginning: How to identify your competitors in SEO? If you have… Read More »Analysis of the competition


How to generate links for SEO?

As we have seen in the second chapter, the authority of a web depends directly on the number of pages that link it, the authority of these pages, the level of thematic similarity between your website and the one that links you and other factors related to the content that surrounds the link, as its anchor text (text of the link), the words that surround it and even the position… Read More »How to generate links for SEO?

SEOexpertum -SEO services

How to make a web optimized for SEO?

Now that you know what SEO is and what are the main factors that Google takes into account when positioning a website, you still have to learn what you have to do in order for your page to have opportunities to position itself in the SERPs. In this chapter, we will talk about how to optimize the main factors of positioning as well as the main SEO problems that arise… Read More »How to make a web optimized for SEO?

how to do a keyword research- seoexpertum

How to do a Keyword Research?

The search for keywords should be the basis of the SEO of any website, if we are not clear about what words users get to our website it will be very difficult (not to say impossible) to increase and optimize the traffic for keywords that we do not know. The first thing you have to understand is what types of keywords there are, they can be differentiated by two factors:… Read More »How to do a Keyword Research?

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FREE Keyword Search Tools

In this post I’m going to show you 20 FREE Keyword Search Tools to find keywords with the aim of positioning and getting traffic to your site when users search from Google. A good keyword search, also called Keyword Research, is essential in any SEO project, since positioning in irrelevant or very difficult words can be time lost. On the other hand, getting the right keywords right from the start… Read More »FREE Keyword Search Tools