How to analyze your SEO competition

One of the funniest parts of positioning is about how to analyze your SEO competition. It is where I think you learn the most to be thorough, in addition to being a constant review of knowledge and a good way to learn and discover things to apply for your own benefit. There are 5 main aspects that we must take into account: User experience Link Profile Social networks Content Strategy… Read More »How to analyze your SEO competition


Useful tips on SEO and Social Media

I wanted to compile some of the tips that I consider most important when doing SEO or Social Media and although I am sure that there is one that has escaped me, they perfectly define how the market has evolved and how SEO is increasingly integrated into Social Media and vice versa (if at any time they have not been). If you still believe that SEO is only Link building,… Read More »Useful tips on SEO and Social Media


Duplicate content and its solutions

Duplicate content is something that very few websites get rid of, most of the time it is not even intended, created by our content manager. There are other types of duplicate content that are intended and can negatively affect the web. What you need to know about duplicate content, in a very short way, is that it occurs when the same content appears in multiple URLs and that in principle… Read More »Duplicate content and its solutions


7 steps for Google to index your website quickly

One of the main concerns when launching a website is how to get Google to index it quickly, there are many methods that we could list in this regard, but here we are going to focus on simpler steps that are available to everyone, whatever Your SEO knowledge. This list is not sorted by priority, much less, if not following logical order: 1- Install Google Analytics This is rather to… Read More »7 steps for Google to index your website quickly


How often do I have to write a post on my blog?

In terms of frequency, there are a number of key points that we should all know or take into account. 2 MIN (619 WORDS) Beginner bloggers tend to wonder how often they should write and really the correct answer is: it depends. It does not depend on how famous you are as some said, or the positioning, the factors are others, and to know them, you will first have to… Read More »How often do I have to write a post on my blog?


How to avoid a Google penalty!

We know that some Google algorithms can place us before a growing level of demands, under penalty and therefore banishment, in case of default. 5 MIN (1100 WORDS) Let’s see what are the actions that Google will not forgive us … Let’s avoid a penalty, we not only lose positioning, our influence and our reputation, they will be seriously affected! If you buy links, they will penalize you. This maxim… Read More »How to avoid a Google penalty!


Make your website faster for SEO

The loading speed of a website is a decisive factor in positioning. Having a fast-loading page generates a better user experience, which improves the metrics of your website, the ability to index your pages by Google robots, and therefore the frequency and depth of indexing, and finally, is a determining metric in itself. 3 MIN (749 WORDS) Optimization of your website and content Optimize the images: Use sprites whenever you… Read More »Make your website faster for SEO


Tips to get more traffic and comments

When you make a blog, (something relatively simple to launch), we always leave in the inkwell things that are important for the blog to properly traction. 3 MIN (779 WORDS) We always forget the basics and although some of these tips are very basic, it never hurts to remember if you want to get more traffic and comments on your blog. RSS feed / Social profile buttons It is important… Read More »Tips to get more traffic and comments