July 2019


Tips to get more traffic and comments

When you make a blog, (something relatively simple to launch), we always leave in the inkwell things that are important for the blog to properly traction. 3 MIN (779 WORDS) We always forget the basics and although some of these tips are very basic, it never hurts to remember if you want to get more traffic and comments on your blog. RSS feed / Social profile buttons It is important… Read More »Tips to get more traffic and comments


Tricks to get more out of Twitter

Just as we recently showed you a list of 19 things you should NOT do on Twitter, now we bring you some tricks to get more out of Twitter. 2 MIN (661 WORDS) 1. Search by name In Tweetdeck and other clients, we have a column called «Mentions» and another one called «Direct Messages». As you well know, on Twitter we can only make 150 API calls every hour. Thus,… Read More »Tricks to get more out of Twitter


10 sites to find free funds for your Twitter

Still have no background on your Twitter profile? Are you still with the default background? One of the main things you should do to improve your brand image is to customize the appearance of your profiles on social networks, in this case, on Twitter. Some of the sites where you can find inspiration to design your profile on Twitter totally free: Stock.XCHNG Openphoto Stockvault.net Unprofound Free Media Goo Morguefile Image*After… Read More »10 sites to find free funds for your Twitter


The most common mistakes of online stores

A small list of the most common mistakes that I usually see in online stores and that make your users leave in a panic in your store. Are you analyzing well what your users do on your website? It is key to understand what is wrong and what works in your store, this is so basic that nobody understands it and I always give the example of if in your… Read More »The most common mistakes of online stores


10 essential Twitter tools

Although twitter is one of the simplest networks to use, there are thousands of external applications that provide us with many interesting features to improve our results. Socialbro Perhaps the most powerful suite to manage our Twitter account. Although it is paid, its monthly price (from $ 7 per month) is well worth paying. It allows us a multitude of things, but it is essential in the management of followers,… Read More »10 essential Twitter tools

Things you should NOT do on Twitter-seoexpertum

Things you should NOT do on Twitter

One of the most important rules to apply in social networks, is precisely to be clear that there are no effective rules for all cases. Social media is what we make of them and there is no right or wrong way to use them. However, some social networks are better suited for certain activities than others. Twitter has more than 288 million monthly active users that publish around 500 million… Read More »Things you should NOT do on Twitter


Plugins to secure WordPress

A simple list of plugins that you can not forget if you want to have well protected WordPress Secure WordPress A plugin that protects our installation of WordPress with different improvements. Some of the improvements are: Eliminates the error information in the Login pages, Deletes the WordPress version, Deletes the plugin and WordPress kernel update information, etc. WordPress Firewall Plugin This plugin detects, intercepts and records suspicious information. Stealth Login… Read More »Plugins to secure WordPress