January 2019

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What is SEO and Why I need it?

Where does the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) come from? The first search engines emerged in the early 90s. Until Google appeared in 1996 many were created, including Yahoo. The Web boom began. People realized that you could really make money with them. So they came to the conclusion that they needed to attract traffic. What was the best method of attracting traffic? The search engines. At that time the… Read More »What is SEO and Why I need it?

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What is on-Page SEO?

On-site SEO (on-page SEO) is the practice of optimizing elements on a website in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines. On-site SEO refers to optimizing both the content and the HTML source code of a page. Beyond helping search engines interpret page content, proper on-site SEO also helps users quickly and clearly understand what a page is about and whether it addresses their search query. In… Read More »What is on-Page SEO?

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What is off-page SEO?

“Off-page SEO” (“off-site SEO”) refers to actions taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). Optimizing for off-site ranking factors involves improving search engine and user perception of a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. This is accomplished by other reputable places on the Internet (pages, sites, people, etc.) linking to or promoting your website, and effectively “vouching” for the quality of your content. Why… Read More »What is off-page SEO?

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On-Page Ranking Factors for SEO

On-page or On-site ranking factors can have a big impact on your page’s ability to rank if optimized properly. The biggest on-page factors that affect search engine rankings are: Content of Page is King The content of a page is what makes it worthy of a search result position. It is what the user came to see and is thus extremely important to the search engines. As such, it is… Read More »On-Page Ranking Factors for SEO


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